VOYAGE powered by ABITEC, s.r.o. An ISO 9001:2008 company from Europe has primary business  & focus on bio technologies for environmental protection. With a vision & commitment to environment, ABITEC provides integrated environmental solutions in waste management ranging from industrial ETP, Domestic STP, and oil sludge treatment to bio remediation. We have also intended & implemented biological and integrated technologies for remediation, treatment of soil, water, groundwater, waste air & production, supply of bacterial cultures as per ISO standards.

With our global experience in combining chemical, biological and engineering techniques to offer unique environmental solutions, we have core competency in providing consultancy, analysis, study and giving customized solutions for Environmental related issues. The solutions are offered with different technologies to meet not only European standards but also the Indian ones.

We offer broad range of chemical analysis, microbiological tests of solid materials, water, water extracts and technical gases, eco toxicity tests as well as determination of respiration activity of compost, bio wastes and wastes through our own world class in-house laboratory in Cz, with European certifications.

We provide Technology & Solutions for the following fields.

  • Septic Tank Treatment
  • Slaughterhouse odor abatement
  • Smell reduction in public toilets
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture, Farming solutions
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Sugar mill waste water treatment
  • Remediation of contaminated aquifier
  • Integrated solutions for distillery industry
  • Elimination of Fat & Grease fro grease traps & sewage system in restaurants, slaughterhouses & dairy industry

Projects of repute in India:

  • Slaughterhouse odor abatement, Mumbai
  • Wastewater treatment from industrial clusters, Gujrat
  • Smell reduction on toilets of Thane train station, Maharashtra
  • Septic tank treatment at SOS children’s village, Bawana, Delhi


  • ESO – ANTI – OD,  iquid bio – enzymatic preparation for degrading complex organic compounds
  • SO-AQUA-DENIT, intended for NO2- reduction in aquarium water.
  • ESO-AQUA, Bio-enzymatic product with natural bacteria helps microbial population to decompose suspended organics and fish excrement in fresh water aquariums.
  • ESO-FARM, Bio-enzymatic preparation intended for use in agriculture and farming to reduce foul smell & emissions of ammonia in animal & poultry breeding.
  • ESO-FARM-PLUS, Bio-enzymatic preparation with reinforced activity for cellulosic materials decomposition intended for use in agriculture and farming.
  • ESO-GAS, designed for bio gas plants, especially for farm based bio gas plants processing manure, energy crops and agricultural crop residues.
  • ESO – GASTRO, Liquid bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-GASTRO is intended for maintenance of drains, clogged with fats and other organic waste. It assures free flow and reduces unpleasant smell.
  • ESO – Home, Liquid bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-HOME is used for drain pipes, where it removes and prevents build-up and assures free flow. ESO-HOME emulsifies and hydrolyzes fats.
  • ESO-LITT is a bio-enzymatic preparation intended for use especially in poultry breeding facilities. Natural bacteria and minerals in ESO-LITT reduce foul smelling compounds, emissions of ammonia and improve condition of poultry straw bedding.
  • ESO – POND, Bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-POND contains different natural bacteria able to consume mineral nutrients as phosphates and ammonium nitrogen. ESO-POND decomposes organic compounds in bottom sediments of ponds, garden lakes or water reservoirs.
  • ESO- POND PLUS, Bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-POND-PLUS contains different natural bacteria having a reinforced cellulose activity. ESO-POND-PLUS decomposes organic compounds in bottom sediments of ponds, garden lakes or water reservoirs.
  • ESO – SEPT, Bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-SEPT contains high quality natural bacteria suitable for application in sumps and septic tanks. ESO-SEPT decomposes highly complex organics such as fat, starch, proteins and cellulose.
  • ESO-SEPT-PLUS, Bio-enzymatic preparation ESO-SEPT-PLUS contains high quality natural bacteria suitable for application in sumps and septic tanks with reinforced activity for paper decomposition as well as other cellulosic materials.
  • ESO-TREAT, is a bio-enzymatic preparation containing natural bacteria and it is intended for enhancement and stabilization of efficiency of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).