Online training

Benefits of 12d model Online Interactive training

Online interactive training for 12d Model is done in small groups ‘live on screen’, with one of the VOYAGE trainers.  You can see the 12d Model Trainer’s screen, and can hear and speak to the Trainer while they demonstrate the training exercises.   Online 12d Model interactive training gives you the opportunity to up-skill without the need for travel, and without being away from the office for days at a time.

How it Works

Online training is very similar to classroom training, except you are not in the same room as the 12d Model Trainer. You work at your own computer, using your copy of 12d Model.  We provide you with 12d Model training course data, and we use a program called ‘GoToTraining’ to allow you to see the Trainer’s screen and talk to the 12d Model Trainer over the internet.