12d Model Advanced Civil Design – General Subdivision: equip yourself with powerful tools and techniques for automatic creation of road networks with ‘Continuous Design’.


12d Model Advanced Civil Design – General Subdivision

A half day course in that explores  the tools in 12d Model for the automatic creation of a network of roads in an estate (land division or subdivision) and introduces the idea of ‘Continuous Design’.

Prerequisites:  Introduction to 12d Model course and Basic Civil Design course. Check on upcoming courses at bottom of page.

12d Model’s ‘Create Roads’ option will automatically create road strings, cross sections, kerb returns, and cul-de-sac heads for a layout of Local Roads. The ‘Continuous Design’ functionality allows the road network to be completed quickly and effectively.

Course Summary

  • Review of Road Creation in 12d Model.
  • Use a ‘Shared’ tin of the survey in your design project.
  • Load templates from a template library.
  • Review of road grading techniques using the Super Alignment (IP methods only).
  • The Apply Many function.
  • Creating and grading fillets (wings / kerb returns).
  • Triangulating the design, and producing finished contours.
  • Designing a network of Estate Roads using the ‘Create Roads’ function.
  • Changing the fillet radii for the major road intersections.
  • Adding cul-de-sac heads.