Our corrugated pipe features a corrugated exterior with a corrugated interior.. most reliable, economical , effective piping material available in the market.


Lightweight and durable, our pipe can handle chemically abrasive environments, is easy to install and not easily susceptible to cracking during pipe handling and installation activities. Two of its most important features are:


Flexibility: because of its flexibility, our perforated pipe is better suited for trenches or where the ground is uneven. Depending on whether your circumstances dictate a flexible or rigid drainage solution, our perforated pipe is simple to install and well within the capabilities of the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Perforations : our pipe can be either fully perforated, i.e., slotted around the entire circumference or half-perforated, ie., have holes on only one side of the pipe, non-perforated, and perforated wrapped with filter sock. Perforations allow subsurface water to be collected and transplanted to favorable locations for discharge. Perforated pipe gives you the control you need to direct underground water where you want it, to encourage proper surface water percolation and in many cases to lower the groundwater table.

Sizes : from 60mm upto 300mm diameter