12d Model is the ultimate software for construction with powerful set-out options, direct interfaces to machine control and detailed conformance reporting and auditing.

Manage 3D data and control volumes, quantities and progress claims with 12d Model. Set-out your project and undertake conformance and as-built surveys live on-site using 12d Field.

Survey and set out
Refer to ‘Surveying’ Dimension.

Technical queries  
12d Model can be used on site through an interface such a ‘tough’ tablet or laptop to instantly analyse and answer technical queries.

Earthworks and volumes 
Use 12d to monitor works executed, checking volumes and preparing reports for billing and/or claims processing.

Machine automation 
12d supports numerous machine automation systems enabling contractors to reflect the design in the field straight from 12d.

The 3-D design is automatically/continuously created and can be viewed at any stage of the projects process to provide instant real life representation of the project. Utilise to reflect construction process.

Project documentation    
Automate the production of reports and drawings (plans, cross-sections and long-sections) and reduce drafting times.